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Kaelyn is the founder and dedicated soul behind HOUZE OF BROWS. She is truly the definition of “she’s from a small town but she has bigger dreams”. Kaelyn is born and raised in Louisville, KY. Which is an extremely small city but that did not stop Kaelyn from following her dreams and creating the successful empire she is creating. Kaelyn has always been independent and always loved working. Kaelyn spent a lot of time around hardworking women in her life as a kid. Kaelyn started her business at 21 years old in her parent's living room and she is now 24 years old owning her own storefront salon. Kaelyn is a licensed esthetician & permanent makeup artist that has traveled all over the United States to perfect her craft! Kaelyn is all about growth and has spent the first half of her twenties dedicating herself to her craft. Kaelyn is also all about details, which she confident that this is what has brought her so far in her career. She has an amazing eye when it comes to spotting the details in everything. She loves to stand out but in the most authentic way there is. She plans to continue to grow and learn from the best of the best and help others grow, learn, and succeed in the brow industry.

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